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Eingereichte Beiträge

Kaiser, T., Cordill, M.J., Kirchlechner, C., Menzel, A., 2020. Electro-mechanical behaviour of metal thin films with deformation induced cracks predicted by computational homogenisation. Submitted, under review.

Kaiser, T., Menzel, A., 2020. An electro-mechanically coupled computational multiscale formulation for electrical conductors. Submitted, under review.

Meyer, K. A., Menzel, A., 2020. A distortional hardening model for finite plasticity. Submitted, under review.

Pütz, F., Henrich, M., Fehlemann, N., Roth, A., Münstermann, S., 2020. Generating Input Data for Microstructure Modelling: A machine learning approach. Submitted, under review.

Rose, L., Menzel, A., 2020. Identification of thermal material parameters for thermo-mechanically coupled material models - Verification and model dependency. Submitted, under review.