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Special Issue in der Zeitschrift Production Engineering

Band 14, Ausgabe 1, Juni 2020 (Link)

Gasteditoren: G. Hirt, A. E. Tekkaya

Hirt, G., Tekkaya, A. E., Clausmeyer, T., Lohmar, J., 2020. Potential and status of damage controlled forming processes. Production Engineering 14 (1), pp. 1-4.

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Kusche, C. F., Dunlap, A., Pütz, F., Tian, C., Kirchlechner, C., Aretz, A., Schwedt, A., Al-Samman, T., Münstermann, S., Korte-Kerzel, S., 2020. Efficient characterization tools for deformation‑induced damage at different scales. Production Engineering 14 (1), pp. 95-104.

Langenfeld, K., Schowtjak, A., Schulte, R., Hering, O., Möhring, K., Clausmeyer, T., Ostwald, R., Walther, F., Tekkaya, A. E., Mosler, J., 2020. Influence of anisotropic damage evolution on cold forging. Production Engineering 14 (1), pp. 115-121.

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