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A02 Influencing damage in cold forging


A04 Damage-controlled flat rolling


A05 Damage in sheet metal bending


A06 Damage influence during deep drawing and stretch indenting


A07 Damage control through optimised geometry and process design in die forging


A08 Thermo-mechanical process development for damage tolerant materials


B01 Measurement-based assessment and prediction of the interaction between ductile and cyclic damage on a macroscopic level


B02 Scale-bridging characterization of damage mechanisms, microstructure and material properties


B03 Spatially resolved characterization of damage initiation and growth at the micrometer scale


B04 Multiscale electron-microscopy characterization of hardening and damage mechanisms


B05 Generic description of damage and microstructure for damage tolerant material design


B06 Material design for damage-controlled forming technology


C01 Thermo-mechanical coupled damage model for operational loading conditions – predicting the operating time of formed components


C02 Macroscopic Modeling of Damage Evolution in Forming Processes


C03 Damage modeling in hot forming


C04 Micromechanical modeling of damage in polycrystals by means of extended crystal plasticity theory


C05 Sensitivity and Optimization of Damage in Forming Processes


S01 Scientific Service Project – Model integration


T02 Accelerated high resolution in-situ testing with AI


T03 Damage development in ring rolling

Working Group "Efficient damage characterization and damage mechanisms" Characterization Manual