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The working group "Design criteria for damage tolerant microstructures" was initially led by Mr. Felix Pütz (B05) and Prof. Hauke Springer (B06) during the 2nd funding period, later taken over by Mr. Niklas Fehlemann (B05). Two distinct paths were pursued for microstructure design. Projects A08 and B06 focused on experimental and combinatorial methods, while C04 and B05 pursued numerical methods. Collaborative efforts within the group facilitated efficient damage-tolerant microstructure development, e.g., the cold rolling of a fully-martensitic structure, collaboratively achieved by A04, A08 and B06. Calibration of simulation models for microstructure design was achieved using data from B02. Furthermore, the working group initiated standardized testing procedures to compare microstructure concepts and processing routes. Projects A04 and B05 investigated the influence of damage-controlling process parameters on impact energy absorption. An impact on performance was observed, although it couldn't be directly attributed to damage due to the presence of other influencing factors.