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The working group "Efficient damage characterization and damage mechanisms" was continued from the 1st funding period. At the start of the 2nd funding period, it was initially led by Mr. Anthony Dunlap (B04) and subsequently by Mr. Maximilian Wollenweber (B02). The mechanisms uncovered in the 1st funding period have been analyzed in more detail under the SEM using a slice-and-view method, and are complemented by in-situ observations of void closure. Furthermore, the comparison between microscope-based methods of damage characterization as carried out in the 1st funding period was continued and quantitatively extended to include 3D synchrotron measurements. Additionally, by means of a round-robin test, further aspects of SEM-based quantitative damage analysis which can lead to different measurement results were isolated and defined, to achieve comparable results across different labs. In an attempt to unify damage measurements and to reduce possible uncertainties, several projects came together to write a manual for SEM-based damage analysis, which explains the previously identified parameters for image analysis and gives best-practice advice. Near the end of the 2nd funding period, this manual began to be extended to other frequently used methods of damage quantification, to pursue the final goal of achieving comparable results across all characterization methods used.

You can find our manual for free use here:

 Characterization Manual TRR188